Peace with PDA Facebook Group

There are so many supportive PDA Facebook groups but I wanted to give this one a special mention because looking after you and finding ways to manage your own stress are so important when you're a parent or carer to a child with PDA. Peace with PDA is a wonderful space where fellow parents and … Continue reading Peace with PDA Facebook Group

A note on demand avoidance

Demand avoidance is what gives Pathological Demand Avoidance its name because it’s considered to be so central to the difficulties experienced by a person with the condition. A person with PDA will obsessively resist and avoid the ordinary demands of other people and everyday life. [Masking can confuse things though, and make it appear that … Continue reading A note on demand avoidance

A note on links to PDA related material

Accessing material related to PDA is so important on this journey. Gaining understanding about PDA and recognising how it presents in Little Miss M has been essential in supporting her correctly and put us in a better position to ensure our lifestyle and her environments work to her advantage and to help her develop understanding of herself. Knowing why things are the way they are … Continue reading A note on links to PDA related material