A note on links to PDA related material

Accessing material related to PDA is so important on this journey. Gaining understanding about PDA and recognising how it presents in Little Miss M has been essential in supporting her correctly and put us in a better position to ensure our lifestyle and her environments work to her advantage and to help her develop understanding of herself. Knowing why things are the way they are has also brought us a new level of acceptance and given us peace of mind.

I’ve been like a sponge during this first year since discovering PDA, soaking up as much information as I can find to understand this complex spectrum condition as fully as possible and thought I’d link to everything I’ve come across which has helped me do that.

I’ve transferred the content from this post to a dedicated ‘Links’ page on the blog which you can access below as well as on the main menu. I’ve done this so I can add new links and resources as I discover them and keep it all up to date in one place.



I’m still learning and discovering new perspectives and sources of understanding so will copy this to a separate Links page on the bog which I can keep adding to as more things come up. And please share with me anything I haven’t mentioned which you think will benefit others on this journey too!