Peace with PDA Facebook Group

There are so many supportive PDA Facebook groups but I wanted to give this one a special mention because looking after you and finding ways to manage your own stress are so important when you’re a parent or carer to a child with PDA.

Peace with PDA is a wonderful space where fellow parents and carers of children with PDA / suspected PDA are supported to find peace of mind and reduce their own stress and anxiety through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is also known as tapping. I love it and the lovely lady who runs it.

I won’t go into too much detail to explain EFT as Lindsay does that best but it’s such a simple thing to do. You gently tap on different parts of your body while saying what you are having difficulty with and that you love and accept yourself even though you feel this way. Through tapping  and interacting in the group, my stress and difficulties have felt heard and validated and much easier to deal with. I’m calmer which is great for me and I’m much better equipped to support Little Miss M.

Lindsay is mum to a child with PDA so understands the challenges and stresses and shares her own experiences. She has a background in counselling and working with EFT and is such a wonderful source of comfort, support and inspiration.

Check out the group description for more info and if you feel it’s the place for you, I’ll see you there!