PDA Society’s PDA & Mental Health Webinar

The PDA Society’s PDA & Mental Health Webinar really was excellent, especially the Q&A section. There’s a link to listen to it here and I’ll add it to the Links page on the blog as well.

The key message was around the importance of early intervention to help young children with PDA understand and manage their anxiety and other potential mental health issues which can develop alongside PDA and I picked up some helpful tips to do this and yet again it was so empowering and reassuring to listen to experts and other parents talk about and understand the issues we face as a family.

Some key things I’ve taken away are:

  • Anxiety can be confused as a hungry tummy (I’ve always noticed a link with Little Miss M’s anxiety and her saying she’s hungry) so we’ll be working on helping her to better understand the signs of anxiety as opposed to hunger and how other emotions feel in the body.
  • Researching Dr Elizabeth Shea’s work in relation to food refusal and a limited diet to see if any of her suggested strategies work for Little Miss M as she has a very limited diet and refuses to try new foods.
  • So much more as well which I can’t put into words, except to say I have a better overall understanding of the potential mental health issues which can affect Little Miss M due to her PDA and more confidence in our approach with these issues having listened to the advice in the webinar.

Thank you PDA Society and Dr Judy Eaton, once again.