Some changes to the blog

New regulations around General Data Protection (GDPR) which come into force on 25th May means that the blog must be compliant with these regulations if it collects and stores personal data from people in the European Union. It’s quite a minefield and more than I can get my head around at the moment so until I can better understand it and figure out how to implement what I’d need to do to be compliant, I’m removing all data collecting and storing features which I have access to and control over on the blog. This includes the option to follow the blog, like and comment on posts and the contact form. I’ve also had to delete the data previously collected from these features.

I wholeheartedly appreciate each and every follow, like, comment and contact made via this blog site and I’m gutted to have to remove them all.

You’ll be able to see when I post anything new here by following the Facebook page or the new Twitter account as I share everything there anyway and if you’d like to contact me or comment on anything, Facebook and Twitter are the ways you can do so…

Thanks for your continued support! x