PDA Action Day 2018: Positive PDA

One year ago today we celebrated our first PDA Action Day and it was the day we decided to start this blog and share our experiences of Pathological Demand Avoidance with others. Little Miss M has had many challenges and difficult times to overcome since then but like I said in last year’s PDA Day post, by focusing on the positives as often as we can we hope to keep moving forward towards the best outcome possible for her. It therefore feels fitting for us that the PDA Society chose ‘Positive PDA‘ as the theme for PDA Action Day this year!

My husband and I have always celebrated Little Miss M in all her amazingness, particularly on this day each year, as it also happens to be her birthday!

There’s so much more to our (not so little anymore) Little Miss M than the PDA features which define her autism spectrum profile but being a PDAer is a big part of who she is and the features which have brought her such difficulties have also brought her strengths and qualities which we greatly admire.

Everyday things may be hard for her to do but given freedom and the right environment, she can do amazing things instead.

She may fear uncertainty but knows what she wants with absolute certainty and has the courage of her convictions.

She’s the most creative and imaginative person we’ve ever met and can captivate people with her imaginary worlds, stories and games.

She has the biggest heart and feels deeply.

Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and her perspective on matters brings new meaning to our life.

She’s funny and loves to laugh.

She’s spontaneous and savours moments and experiences.

She’s kind and caring.

She gives the best hugs.

She has huge talent for drawing and impressions and notices and appreciate every detail.

She’s strong, smart and beautiful.

She’s an inspirational teacher and has taught us so much!

She’s unique like a snowflake and she shines like a star.

Being parents to such an amazing human being has taught me and my husband a great deal as well and living alongside PDA has shown us how to be better versions of ourselves.

We’re stronger, more determined and resilient because of PDA.

We have more empathy and compassion.

We’ve learnt to truly love unconditionally and not to sweat the small stuff.

We look to understand rather than judge.

We’ve got to know some wonderful people in the PDA community and have made some lovely friends.

We know what truly matters.

We’ve embrace the whole of PDA, the difficulties as well as the strengths – we wouldn’t change our daughter for the world (that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to be able to take away the difficulties PDA brings her but we accept and love how those features present in her) and with that acceptance of who she is and our love and support she is beginning to believe in herself and her ability to cope with those difficulties – I asked her if she’d like to say anything for PDA Action Day this year and this is what she wanted to share ~

Lily's PDA Day Quote 1