A-Z of Demands

This A-Z series highlights some of the everyday demands which, in my experience of my child with PDA, can trigger extreme demand avoidance and my understanding of why.

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A PDF version of the series can be downloaded via this link A-Z of Demands Complete Series.

A-Z of Demands - cover for PDF


A is for Agreements

A-Z of Demands - A

B is for Brushing Teeth

A-Z of Demands - B

Read about how we support Little Miss M with teeth brushing in this blog post:
A note on strategies for brushing teeth

C is for Clothing

A-Z of Demands - C

D is for Decisions

A-Z of Demands - D

E is for Eating

A-Z of Demands - E

F is for Following instructions

A-Z of Demands - F

G is for Getting ready

A-Z of Demands - G

H is for Housekeeping

A-Z of Demands - H

I is for Independence

A-Z of Demands - I

J is for Job

A-Z of Demands - J

K is for Keeping clean

A-Z of Demands - K

L is for Learning

A-Z of Demands - L

Read a round-up of the presentationĀ Educational provision and teaching approaches for children with PDA by Phil Christie and Ruth Fidler from the NAS PDA Conference in 2017 for more information about how to meet the educational needs of an individual with PDA.

Also read about our experience of education and self-directed, natural learning in these blog posts:
A note on education
A note on learning to write

M is for Manners

A-Z of Demands - M

N is for No you can’t…

A-Z of Demands - N

Read about how to best manage meltdowns on the PDA Society website by clicking here.

Read about Jane Sherwin’s experience of meltdowns by clicking here.

Read a blog about violent and challenging behaviour by Yvonne Newbold by clicking here.

O is for Own self-imposed expectations

A-Z of Demands - O

P is for Praise & Perceived demands

A-Z of Demands - P

Q is for Questions

A-Z of Demands - Q

R is for Rules

A-Z of Demands - R

S is for Suggestions

A-Z of Demands - S

T is for Transitions & Timetables

A-Z of Demands - T

U is for Using the toilet

A-Z of Demands - U

V is for behaVe

A-Z of Demands - V

Read more about masking in this blog by Jane Sherwin at PDA Guidance.

Read this article about Evidence for Autistic People Hiding \ Masking their difficulties in Educational and other Settings.

Read A note on anger and masking by Little Miss M where Little Miss M describes masking her feelings in public.

Read this insightful blog about masking by Riko’s Blog: PDA and More.

W is for Waiting

A-Z of Demands - W

X is for please do X

A-Z of Demands - X

Y is for Yesterday I could…

A-Z of Demands - Y

Z is for Zzz

A-Z of Demands - Z


More information about PDA and advice, including recommended support strategies can be found on:

The PDA Society website:
> Families
> Teachers
> Practitioners

The PDA Resource website:
> pdaresource.com

You can also read about how we support our daughter in the posts on this blog, particularly A note on demand avoidance